The No Covers Club

As some months contain 5 Tuesdays and we only have 4 Acoustic Night and Open Mic night hosts we occasionally have a spare night.

Now how about having a No Covers Club!!!!!

What I hear you ask? a club on that spare Tuesday that does not let anyone play covers at all. Each person has to play original music.

This would give artists a chance to sing and play their own music and songs and see how they go down

What do people think? Would it work?


Roebucks Got Talent

Well what can I say apart from OMG.

Who would of thought a little idea would of gone so crazy

Thanks to everyone for supporting it, you people really are amazing.

Special thanks must go to

  • all the contestants. Some who have spent a fortune to compete
  • all the bar staff who worked tirelessly to keep you all watered
  • The Judges  Steve, Tina, Jayne and Deputy judge Lyn and a very heartfelt thanks to the main man Rob for supporting my madness for this.

Massive congratulations Harry no Styles on winning our first (yes first, we gonna do it all again) Roebucks Got Talent (2019) and claiming the prestigious trophy.

Enough ramblings now just going to leave you with Sues poem that was written for all the shenanigans.

Thank you thank you thank you.

The Roebucks Got Talent

This crazy idea came from The Buck Monday Club
What never should be in this quiet village pub
Lets have a Britains Got Talent in true Roebuck Style
They looked at each other and pondered a while

And so from this spark, the madness began
4 Judges were chosen and from there it just ran
There’s Tina and Steve, Lyn Rob and Jayne
I do think myself they’re just looking for fame

Up goes their paddles, acts voted in or out
And a golden balloon that’s pricked when there’s no doubt
Now the acts are ridiculous, made up I am sure
Simon Cowell would boo and say “this lot are poor”

But we are The Roebuck and once in that door
Something strange happens, I’m really not sure
From ventriloquist’s dummies, Dancing and nuns
To a huge gorilla that played on the drums

And Rock with his singers OHH UGG and AHH
All these people dream that they will go far
We had Liam Gallagher, the man from Oasis
Paul as the compare putting them through paces

Drawing on heads “ now was that a duck”
I don’t think the audience could really give a fuck
But people come together to make this place fun
The Spirit of occasion is second to none

If anyone passing should walk through the door
They would question themselves but still they’d want more
So the Sunday occasion that no one can knock
As always Roebuck people, We know  how to rock

The night has come for the final heat
When now the judges must take a back seat
Look and listen, and enjoy the ride
As each contestant performs with pride

They’ve fought a battle to gain top place
And now this is the final race
So Audience smile clap and cheer
Make your winner very clear

They have their passports in their hands
Knowing they travel to far off lands
So whatever happens here today
There’s only one more thing that I can say

Grab a drink, relax, get pissed
These acts today are not to be missed
Good luck to all, may the best act win
I’ll bore you no more as I need my gin

Mrs C 2019


Open Mic Tonight with Dave

Unfortunately there will be no open mic tonight as Dave can’t make it duet a holiday booked last minute.

Sorry for any inconvenience but we will be backlot normal next week.

Cheers Paul

Don’t drink and drive……

Don’t let this be you.
From December 13th if you are the designated driver for a group of 4 or more visiting The Roebuck we will serve you soft draught  drinks for free.
Please stay safe and don’t drink and drive.

The Roebuck’s Got Talent Final

Well what a heat, heat 3 was with even more amazing acts fighting their way to the final.

We now have the complete line up for what promises to be an amazing final on Sunday 1st December starting around 6:30ish.

Full line up is as follows

          • Simon & Crofty
          • The Holy Shit Sisters
          • The Gingernaires
          • Kirstian (The Wind) Taylor
          • Kenny & Dolly
          • Mark (man of many disguises) Newbrook
          • Big Al
          • JIffer
          • Little J
          • Ping
          • Harry (No) Styles

Told you it was an amazing line up, all performing for the chance to win a short break the following weekend (don’t forget your passport)

Hope you will all be there again to cheer your fave on as its you, our customers who will choose who wins.

The judges this week will only be able to guide you with their words of wisdom and guidance.

Be seeing thee.

Club Seventy to Plenty

You have had Club 18 to 30 well now we have Club Seventy to Plenty.

This is an open invitation to anyone in the local and surrounding areas who are of the appropriate age to come and get together and share interests.

The first meeting will be in The Roebuck, Forsbrook on the 14 of November between 10 am until 12 pm.

We will provide free teas and coffees and Kerry will bake a few nice cakes all free of charge.

The rest is up to you, come along sit and chat to friends and you tell us what you would like to do and how often you would like to meet.

Then lets see how it goes from there.

Last Nights Halloween Party

What a fantastic night last night was, once again you excelled with your efforts to enter into the spirit of it. 

My Scary Staff

You are all superstars.

Big thanks to Kirstian for decorating the pub and creating the ambiance and a massive thanks tommy staff Dave, Carolann and Sam who worked tirelessly to serve you.

Congratulations to all the prize winners you were fantastic. Thanks to me mucker Mandy for making the wonderful prizes once again.

The Fantastic Prize Winners

Heres to the next one.

Cheers Paul