Two of my predecessors at the Pub.

Love this Picture of John, Baino and myself as they are two of my predecessors as landlords of The Roebuck Inn only missing 2 more and we would have a complete set of everyone that have been custodians of this community pub for over 35 years.

This Years Poppies Ready to go……

“Lest We Forget”

Our poppies are now ready to purchase guys n gals, this year we have some lovely knitted poppies to add to our collection.


Minimun £2 donation secures this years badges…

“Lest We Forget”

And this is why he is our captain…….

In the words of Crofty…..

Tonight I witnessed the greatest sporting moment ever forget Best Pele, Bolt even Federer our darts captain tonight while playing killer left loop ten, the whole pub missed a roll over we all thought, until he stepped up again and smashed in with his first dart loop 10, he must be on SPOTY this year”

Who would of thought the little old Roebuck Inn would be the birthplace of our next sporting legend.

Great night and great fun. Thanks guys n gals.

Love coming around the corner and……….

I love coming around the corner and seeing our gorgeous hanging baskets. Had loads of complements about them too, its nice to know that what we do is now getting appreciated.

Thank you everyone who has approached the staff and myself and said how much they like them and how much they brighten up the village as you enter from Cheadle end.