Safe Cracker Needed 😝

Well unfortunately our quiz or raffle winners did not successfully open FunkyMunkee’s safe last night.

Once again it contained a cash prize.

Could you crack the safe next? What will you win if you did?

Are you coming out to play next Thursday at 9pm.

Its good fun with plenty of banter, free food and jolly good ales.

Be seeing thee.

Dodgy Golfing Jumper Day

To celebrate getting sky Sports Back on at The Buck and seeing as its the last day of the Ryder cup tomorrow.

Lets have a daft Golfing jumper competition tomorrow.

Anyone wearing a dodgy Golf Jumper will get a free shot and the one voted by staff as the worst wins a bottle.

And this is why he is our captain…….

In the words of Crofty…..

Tonight I witnessed the greatest sporting moment ever forget Best Pele, Bolt even Federer our darts captain tonight while playing killer left loop ten, the whole pub missed a roll over we all thought, until he stepped up again and smashed in with his first dart loop 10, he must be on SPOTY this year”

Who would of thought the little old Roebuck Inn would be the birthplace of our next sporting legend.

Great night and great fun. Thanks guys n gals.

This guy


This guy has come all the way from Grimsby tonight for a pint with his Mrs.

Thanks Col it means a lot.