Only one week down and we have raised almost £250 for our defibrillator appeal.

You truly are amazing I am stunned to say the least.

Thank you.

Bingo Tomorrow Evening

Apologies but our increasingly popular cash bingo has been cancelled for tomorrow evening Wed 14th.

I am so sorry but it is unavoidable as I have to be somewhere else and due to staff leave I have no one to cover me.

Rest assured we will be back on Wed 21st at 1930.

Thank you for your understanding

Cheers Paul 🐵

Stoke City FC Home Games

As part of our commitment to give our customers a professional quality service, we have made the decision to open a little earlier when Stoke City FC are playing at home and we have a coach going.

Starting from this weeks home game against Derby County we will be opening our doors slightly earlier at 1130am.

Cheers Paul



Open Mic Retirement

It is with a little regret that I have to announce that Kim has decided to leave us and not do any more of her amazing open Mic nights at The Roebuck.

I am a little gutted to be honest as Kim has been with us right from the start but I fully understand and support her decision.

Sure you will all join me in wishing her the very best as she moves onwards and to just say that “Kim you are welcome back here anytime you bloody well like”

Take care hunnie and don’t be a stranger.

Paul x

Changes to our Pizza Opening Hours

Please note that we are changing the times that our Stone Baked Pizzas are available at the pub and for takeaways which can be ordered here from your computer, tablet or smartphone

Starting today you can now order Pizzas on a

Thursday and Friday from 6pm – 11pm  

Sunday from 6pm -10pm.

Please note that for the time being they will not be available on Saturdays.

Moving forward we are looking to be opening at least 5 nights per week over the coming months.

Many thanks Paul


Mr Delmonte he say “Yes”

Most of you were aware that today I had a meeting with the Licensing Sub Committee of Staffordshire Moorlands Council re: my variation of licence application.

I am pleased to say that we were granted the licence.

To say I am over the moon and relieved would be an understatement.

I wanted no needed to say a heart felt thank you to everyone, yes everyone of you personally for your physical support, your messages of support, help and encouragement when I admit, it was getting me down.

So thank you be it online or in person thank you it meant and means such a lot to me.

The good news is I met the people who objected and to be honest I can understand why they did, so thank you to them both because it highlighted some areas that I needed to tighten up on to ensure we didn’t upset anyone again.

They also stated that is wasn’t them that went to the Sentinel newspaper, this was confirmed by the licensing officer.

As it was an open meeting the reporter just got the story from public records and decided to re word it.

So please don’t think ill of them as I hold no grudge or malice to them whatsoever and would appreciate if no one else did.

Lets put this all behind us now and move forward, after all I have the best pub and best customers ever between here and little Tesco FACT



Response to this evenings Sentinel article

There has been an article in the Sentinel newspaper this evening (Page 17 ‘Pub already causes nuisance with noise’about my licence variation application for the pub.

I would just like to point out a few facts before people start to speculate about what it contains if you wouldn’t mind.

Live Music: I can already have live bands on until 11pm under my current licence if I choose, so this will not change. I choose not to have live music on after 2030hrs and it is only acoustic artists that play, as I do not want to upset anyone and cause a nuisance to my neighbours. I will also never have a DJ or play loud music in the garden that I can promise as I have neighbours less than 50 metres away.

Outside Bar: The outside bar is to relieve the pressure off the main bar at weekends as we get rather busy and would be monitored whilst open to control the noise levels. It will also compliment our food offering of wood fired pizza in the garden.

Complaints: The council have never had a complaint since I became the lessee of The Roebuck Inn and as I now have full control over what happens at the pub I would like to keep it that way. Yes we do have 3 festivals a year outside but again I do not let the bands play after 2030hrs and have them move inside after that time.

Opening at 8am for breakfast: This application variation is to allow me to open on the rare occasion it is needed not all the time, such as our annual charity shoot at Christmas, the occasion that The  Football Coach is leaving early and also as most people are aware we have planning permission in for a tea room upstairs at the pub so that is all it is for. I do not and have never intended to open at 8pm for breakfast I just want to on the rare occasion we do to be working within the law.

Children in the pub: This is again so that I am working within the law as currently no children are allowed on the premises, but should the occasion arise such as when they are attending a family members funeral or getting on the football coach with their dads I would like to be operating within the law.  It does not mean I will have children in the pub because I do not think our pub is suitable for children as it only being one room. This is one of my licensing objectives and one I take very seriously.

Parking: I cannot be blamed for the parking situation in the village people park dangerously in the village at all times of the day, is this my fault also?

Late Opening: Please be assured that i have not applied to extend my opening hours any later that we can now. its just so that people can take a pizza away with then at last orders as I need a licence to serve takeaway food after 11pm.

I hope that helps to clear up any concerns that people may have about the variation of licence application

If anyone would like clarification on any of the above points please do not hesitate to contact me, I am more than willing to meet with any local resident to discuss.


This morning my staff and I have spent over an hour cleaning cigarette butts up.

Most of my customers use the ashtrays provided of which there are plenty so thank you for that.

But unfortunately some people no idiots who are either bone idle or tbh scum prefer to fill the floor, then the flower pots, then even the dog bowls full of water and now the new low flicking them into the pizza oven. It cooks food you morons how would you like it if I served you a pint with a dog end in?

The garden we try to make nice for everyone to sit and enjoy it is not a smoking shelter.

Now I am not against smoking as I smoked for 40 years and I have just been talked out of( for the moment) of not making this a smoke free pub. To that effect from today anyone seen flicking their cigarettes anywhere in the garden will be asked to leave immediately and tbh if you do that you are not welcome at The Roebuck Inn.

Unpopular decision or not think that our customers and my staff should it have to sit in or clean up a great big chuffing ashtray.

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