Meet The Team

Tom (Bar Supervisor)

Tom is our bar supervisor working full time and apart from Paul and Sharon (his mum) he is the longest serving member of the Roebuck Team. Tom knows his stuff around our cask beers and is passionate about his work

Also Toms passion for travel means you won’t see him very often behind the bar haha.  (he will kill me for that)

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Amy (Bar Staff)

Amy has been at The Roebuck Inn now for quite a while. Having worked in other local pubs around the area she is very skilled at what she does.

You will probably see Amy riding her trusty steed through the villages and she is also very very passionate about horses and animals.

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Kirstian (Bar Staf)

Kirstian is relatively new to The Roebuck team but what an impact she has made. Having worked in bars in the big smoke whilst in London, she has bought some great ideas with her.

She is also a very accomplished singer and can sometimes be found on stage and seen doing her role as an actor on TV.

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Amelia (Bar Staff)

Amelia is our youngest member of our team. Having worked in a busy city centre pub for a few years before coming here doesnt mean she can’t handle the madness that is The Roebuck Bar on a Saturday and Sunday.

Only problem is she can’t reach the top shelf, but by all means she is a very good defender for Burton Albion Ladies football team

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Paul (Your Host)

Your host Paul started at The Roebuck Inn working for the previous manager Joe who taught him everything i knows. He then went on to manage the pub for a year before taking it over in Oct 2018.Paul Says “The Roebuck and its people are in my veins, I love the place and am passionate about making it the best locals local you will ever visit”

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Alison (Bar Staff)

Our newest member of the team Alison is a diamond of a find for the team. Joining us from another local pub she has fitted in perfectly within the team and “GETS” the Roebuck and its clientele.

She is also brilliant at taking the Micky, so if you feel lucky go for it. But good luck

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Sharon (Domestic)

Doubt you will ever see Sharon as she seeks in before most of us are out of bed to clean up after the night before.

We would be lost without her as Sharon is our rock.

Evette (Domestic)

Along with Sharon Evette is responsible for keeping The Roebuck Inn spick and span a job they do admirably in my opinion.

Evette also tackles the horrible jobs that none of us wimpy staff will do.

Dave (Bar Staff)

Dave is our newest member of staff staring this summer, whist waiting to return to Uni.

Dave has worked as a supervisor in a busy town centre pub, so even though only young he has a wealth of experience.


We would all love the chance to welcome you to The Roebuck Inn